Data science: Put it to work

Data science:
Put it to work

Solutions, code, and devops for high-scale data science.
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Powering custom, high-scale data science

Make perfect recommendations for each user.

Fully customizable open code will get you started fast.
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Move data from Mongo to Hadoop, and back again.

Use Hadoop for sophisticated analysis and modeling.
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Create beautiful visualizations from your data.

Produce charts, graphs and custom dashboards with ease.
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We support the best open, free technologies

With open code and integrations with familiar technologies like GitHub, we make collaboration and reuse easy.
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Yes, we support your data store

If your data is in AWS, chances are you can connect it to Mortar.
And we’re adding new integrations all the time.

Our award-winning platform will brighten your workday



Cloud computing power on demand. Use as much or as little as you need.
No Surprises

No surprises

See your data as you work. Pinpoint and correct problems instantly.


One-click deployment. All your code lives in git source control.
Amazing support

Amazing support

Our Hadoop engineers have your back.


Powered by free, open-source technologies. No lock-in, ever.
Free use

Free use

Mortar’s public accounts are free and always will be.
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How Mortar works

Develop code locally

Develop code locally

Develop and hone your code on your own machine. Use Mortar’s tools to test your code and preview the output.
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Deploy to Mortar

Deploy to Mortar

With the click of a button, Mortar launches a Hadoop cluster to run your job, then monitors its progress for you.
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Integrate with data stores

Integrate with data stores

Read from and write to your own data stores, whether in S3, Mongo, Dynamo, or a relational database system.

What people are saying

“Mortar’s approach is right on—their tools extend [Pig’s] quick start and ease of use focuses with pre-built Hadoop clusters, clear examples, code organization templates, and github for social sharing of the code.”


Alan Gates
Open-sourced Pig, co-founder of Hortonworks


Jonathan Coveney
Apache Pig PMC member, Twitter
“Mortar takes something complex and makes it simple and intuitive. it lets you focus on the fun part—writing the scripts that process your data and create business value—instead of managing AWS nodes or your own cluster.”
“We created MongoDB to help organizations quickly build scalable apps that run well in the cloud too. Mortar fits right in with that vision of the future... We’re excited that MongoDB users can now also seamlessly use Mortar.”


Dwight Merriman
Founder of MongoDB and DoubleClick