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All paid plans include a free 7-day trial.

Integrated high scale data science tools: Hadoop, Pig, Java, Python
Spend time on what counts, not on infrastructure.
On-Demand and Spot Instance Hadoop Clusters
Hadoop made effortless, no markup.
Award-Winning Job Visualization
See and fix issues easily.
Free Local Development
Work fast in your own environment.
One-Button Git Deployment
Development to production, seamlessly.
API Access
Integrate with your other systems.
Public Projects
Share your work publicly.
Private Projects
Share only with your organization.
10 Mortar Projects
50 Web Projects
50 Mortar Projects
500 Web Projects
Mortar Users
1 User
1 User
5 Users
Max Cluster Size (Nodes)
Up to 20
Up to 20
Up to 50
Job Data Retention
7 Days
14 Days
60 Days
Support Level
Online Forum
Online Forum
Job Scheduling
Monthly Subscription

What is a Web Project?

Web Projects let you develop Pig and Python scripts directly on the Mortar website without installing anything. They're great for simpler problems and quickly exploring your data.

What is a Mortar Project?

Mortar Projects are the best way to develop a large or shared project using Mortar. Rather than using a web editor, you develop code locally in your own dev environment and deploy it to Mortar with a single command.

Is the public plan really free forever?

Yes, the public plan is free forever. If you are giving back to the community by sharing your work, we support you by letting you use Mortar for free. Pay just the AWS costs of running your jobs on Mortar.

Can I always access my code?

If you use private Web Projects, be sure to download your code before you downgrade to a Public Plan. If you use Mortar Projects, your code is already on your own machine.

And since Mortar uses open technology, your code is portable.

Can I use smaller compute instances?

If you want to test your code with smaller instances than m1.xlarge, we recommend using mortar locally which is totally free.

What is a Spot Instance Cluster?

AWS makes spare compute resources available via auction, usually at significantly lower prices than On-Demand (guaranteed) compute resources. The tradeoff is that clusters launch a bit slower to fulfill the auction, and your resources may disappear before you are done using them. More info is here.

How is the Spot price set?

Mortar automatically handles the bid amount automatically. We work to get you the lowest price with the lowest risk of interruption.

What are example AWS costs?

Mortar provides m1.xlarge EC2 compute instances, which provide the best value for most Hadoop-worthy jobs.

Currently AWS charges $0.35 per hour for On-Demand Clusters, and roughly $0.09 per hour for EMR, for a total of $0.44 per hour.

For Spot Instance Clusters, you might pay $0.05 per hour for EC2 (price varies with market ), and roughly $0.09 per hour for EMR, for a total of $0.14 per hour.

Since Mortar does not mark up AWS charges, when AWS lowers prices these savings are immediately passed through to you.
Current AWS pricing is here.

What if I need bigger Hadoop clusters, more users, or more projects?

Email us. We have larger plans.