Mortar has joined Datadog, the leading SaaS-based monitoring service for cloud applications. Read more about what this means here.

About Us

We’ve built, managed, and architected products used by millions. We have deep experience in distributed systems, data integration, and machine learning, and we contribute to many open-source projects. We're Mortar.

Mortar was founded in 2011 by K Young (CEO), Doug Daniels (CTO), and Jeremy Karn (Lead Engineer). Having worked together at Amplify Education, Mortar’s co-founders set out to build a platform that would allow engineers and data scientists to access the best data technologies instantly and easily.
Mortar’s mission is to eliminate the tedious, time-consuming tasks that accompany data work so that engineers and data scientists can spend 100% of their time doing interesting, mission-critical work rather than toiling with infrastructure, setup, and operations. Mortar is headquartered near Union Square in New York City.

What people are saying

“Mortar’s approach is right on—their tools extend [Pig’s] quick start and ease of use focuses with pre-built Hadoop clusters, clear examples, code organization templates, and github for social sharing of the code.”


Alan Gates
Co-founder of Hortonworks, open-sourced Pig


Jonathan Coveney
Apache Pig PMC member, Twitter
“Mortar takes something complex and makes it simple and intuitive. it lets you focus on the fun part—writing the scripts that process your data and create business value—instead of managing AWS nodes or your own cluster.”
“We created MongoDB to help organizations quickly build scalable apps that run well in the cloud too. Mortar fits right in with that vision of the future... We’re excited that MongoDB users can now also seamlessly use Mortar.”


Dwight Merriman
Founder of MongoDB and DoubleClick